But if your brain assumes the. 27022015 Various theories were floated about why the dress looks different to different people.

What The Dress Colour You See Says About You Black And Blue Dress White Gold Dress Colorful Dresses

You are dark mysterious and love to keep people guessing.


Gold or blue dress test. If TheDress Changed Colors For You Your brain is game to change. 28022015 For example if your brain assumes the lighting on the dress is very dim it will assume the dress itself is highly reflective or white and gold Williams said. If the photograph showed more of the room or if.

27022015 Alana MacInnes of Uist and Caitlin McNeill from Colonsay sought views on Tumblr about whether it was gold and white or blue. My research showed that if you assumed the dress was in a shadow you were much more. 27022015 If you think the dress is in shadow your brain may remove the blue cast and perceive the dress as being white and gold.

Making science make sense. Get Summers Women Fashion News From Lotimena Reviews. 27022015 According to a Yahoo Tech survey only 6 percent of us see something other than blueblack or whitegold.

26022015 White and Gold View Results View Results Go Back And Vote Go Back And Vote This Second Photo Of The Dress Definitively Proves That The Dress Is Blue And Black. Final Sale Up to 75 OFF. Ad Check LotimenaWomen Summer Fashion Clothing Tops.

This is pretty amazing almost as much for how quickly this has gone viral as for the effect itself. Final Sale Up to 75 OFF. You dont mind if people mistake you for white and gold because you dont even give a glance to the haters.

12042017 Remember the dress is actually blue and black though most people saw it as white and gold at least at first. Buzzfeed has a poll which currently puts it at 72 white and gold and 28 black and blue. While its ultimately about what your brain decides it needs to do with the ambient.

Youre the blue and black dress the true colors of this dress. Mitchell Moffit mitchellmoffit Gregory Brown whalewatchmeplz CONTACT asapscience atgmail dotcom. Having more of one or the other will lead you to be likely to see the dress as white or gold or blue and black.

14052015 Of those surveyed 57 percent described the dress as blueblack 30 percent described it as whitegold 11 percent as bluebrown and 2 percent as something else. There is now an intense debate going on in the intertubes over whether this dress is black and blue or white and gold. Take a look and decide for yourself.

You keep on doing you blue and black dress. 01032015 For about half of us the brain discounts the blue side of the light source subtracting out the blue from the actual color of the dress so that we perceive the dress as white and gold. Some people reported their.

No if you see the darker hues of blue and black it doesnt mean that you are depressed.

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